How to Prepare for Your Thermogram


For 24 hours prior to your scan please avoid:

  • Heavy exercise
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage 
  • Sauna or steam rooms


For 2 hours prior to your scan:

  • Avoid exercise and hot or cold showering.
  • Do not shave under your arms or use deodorant, skin creams or lotion in the areas to be imaged.
  • Avoid sun exposure the day of the test.
  • Please forego the heated car seat!


For best result, you should not have had a sun burn or have used a tanning booth within a week of your test.

Please inform the thermographer before your appointment if you have recent skin lesions (rashes, cuts or abrasions) as the resulting inflammation might cause a false positive result. 

No changes in diet or medication are necessary.


Procedure for Breast Thermography

Your initial appointment will last close to one hour. Subsequent appointments will take 30 minutes or less.  

The thermographer will review your history and breast questionnaire with you prior to your scan.  After discussing your history and answering any questions you might have, seven images will be taken of your breasts and surrounding area. The procedure is entirely non-invasive. There is no contact with the body at any time and the camera emits no radiation.  You will be asked to remove all upper body clothing and jewelry.  A gown will be supplied.

You are welcome to bring a companion or partner to be present at the examination.

Note: you must wait 3 months after major breast surgery before getting a thermogram.


Procedure for Partial or Full Body Thermography

The number of images and the time required will vary according to body area(s) being scanned.  Your thermographer will provide additional information if necessary, but the above guidelines apply.

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