Choosing Your Thermographer


Your thermographer should be certified by the American College of Clinical Thermography. This means they have undergone adequate training to keep the protocols necessary, so that everyone is scanned under the same conditions of temperature, light, ambient air, etc. and that the scans taken will be optimal for interpretation.

It is also important that the scans be read by qualified physicians (who are trained to read thermograms in the same way that radiologists are trained to read Xrays). Serial scans should be used when screening the breasts, rather than cold-stressing techniques. Make sure the thermographer’s equipment is up-to-date, ask what kind of report you will receive and whether they will assist with interface between your physician and the physicians who read your scans if this should become necessary.

At Imaging Alternatives,  your scans are sent to a certified physician, known as a thermologist, for interpreting the results and generating a report that will be sent to you and/or your healthcare provider(s).  The choice is yours.  We are happy to work with your team.